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"If the whole world was a state, Istanbul would be the capital of it.”

Ezan voice melt in the morning screams of Seagulls and they start chasing the public ferries sailing from Asian side to European side and the students, workers or young lovers waiting for disembarking and on the way, ferries salutes each other with their horn while Bosphorus Ferry starts its journey to the legendry shores of the Bosphorus, adorned with old wooden houses or with palaces. This ferry might take a place on picture of Bosphorus taken from the balcony of Galata Tower, then next picture will be the Huge dome of the Hagia Sophia but at the same time tens of people would be take the picture of the Dome from inside next to the other enchanted people. Some of them thrilled with the courage of the architecture of Hagia Sophia and get more curious about another architect lived in 16th century, Mimar Sinan the Great. While watching the balanced portions of the Suleymaniye mosque, some people start to thinking about which mosque tiles are the best, Blue Mosque or Rustempasa Mosque or Sokollu Mosque. Maybe the tiles in circumcision room of Topkapi Palace. On the other hand, some start thinking about the different variation of tiles, mosaics and can’t decide if the mosaics or the frescoes are the most interesting and fascinating in Chora Museum. Seagulls stop chasing the public ferries and the ezan voice start dancing with the last lights of the sun while seagulls start flying around the minarets.

For details: http://www.matiana.com/travel_istanbul.htm
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