Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2:18 PM

Istanbul Shopping Fest (18 March & April 26)


İstanbul Shopping Fest, is an annual festival of shopping, culture and entertainment which will be between March 18 and April 26 2011 lasting for 40 daysThis period also includes Passover, Easter and Newroz feasts celebrated in neighbouring countries and in Turkey.
İstanbul Shopping Fest will welcome thousands of visitors during the festival with activities all around the city, shopping malls and stores, as well as grand opening and closing ceremonies. Istanbul will become the one and only entertainment center of its region for 40 days with various street carnival groups, concerts, toys and games for children, parties, contests, fashion shows and performances.
The goal is to bring shopping and entertainment together by offering tourists and İstanbul shoppers advantegous shopping opportunities in a non-sale season. Istanbul Shopping Fest aims to create attraction to bring 1.5 million tourists in 2015 to İstanbul and by doing so, to contribute to the target of “10 million tourists in 2015”.

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