Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5:24 PM

Jazz In Ramadan

We are expecting you to “Jazz in Ramadan”! 

"Jazz in Ramadan", a unique festival organized by Hakan Erdoğan Productions, and which proposes the idea that social peace comes first and foremost from the sharing artistic inspiration, will feature world-renown jazz musicians from the Muslim world all through the Ramadan.

Two beautiful historic Sultanahmet venues will be the settings for eight concerts, in “Jazz in Ramadan Festival”: the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum and the gardens of Topkapi Palace.

Festival, will host world-renown jazz musicians from the Muslim world such as Ahmad Jamal, Anouar Brahem, Abdullah Ibrahim and Dhafer Youssef.

Ilhan Ersahin and Aydin Esen will be the two popular jazz musicians participating from Turkey. “Aydin Esen Plays for Ramadan’  will be Esen’s special theme for the program. These musicians who are well known by İstanbul jazz listeners, this time will reach a broader and more mixed audience and even to future generation jazz fans.
Within the festival, among jazz music, there will also be Dede Efendi. Munip Utandi who is one of Turkey’s esteemed singers of Turkish classical music will be accompanied by the Dede Efendi Ensemble in the Archaelological Museum; it will be a treat for the classical Turkish Music listeners.

In the last concert Kudsi Erguner and his group will be taking the stage. Their concert heading is ‘Islam Blues’; this will be the final note of "Jazz in Ramadan", aiming to introduce the efforts of the musicians working in different musical forms and making contributions to the world culture.

Jazz in Ramadan, which is supported by Istanbul 2010, will propose the idea that social peace comes first and foremost from sharing of artistic inspiration.


14 August Saturday : Anouar Brahem Quartet / Archaeological Museum
17 August Tuesday : Ahmad Jamal Quartet / Topkapi Palace
18 August Wednesday : Dhafer Youssef Quartet / Archaelogical Museum
20 August Friday : Dede Efendi Ensemble – Munip Utandi / Archaeological Museum
21 August Saturday : Ilhan Ersahin & Istanbul Sessions / Archaeological Museum
24 August Tuesday: Abdullah Ibrahim Trio / Topkapi Palace
26 August Thursday: Aydin Esen Group / Archaeological Museum
(Aydin Esen Plays For Ramadan)
31 August Tuesday: Kudsi Erguner Ensemble – Islam Blues  / Topkapi Palace

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