Monday, March 22, 2010

1:36 PM

Balık Ekmek Caz

-Ece Göksü Dörtlüsü ve İmer Demirer
15 May Saturday
Bosphorus Yatı - Istanbul

-Sibel Köse - Yahya Dai Quartet
22 May Saturday
Bosphorus Yatı - Istanbul

-Önder Focan ve Sibel Köse Quartet
29 May Saturday
Bosphorus Yatı - Istanbul

Date : 05.05.2010 - 29.05.2010
Venue: Bosphorus Yatı - Kurucesme Parkı (GS Adası Karşısı)

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1:18 PM

Grease Musical (from USA)

Date :    25.05.2010 21:15:00
              02.06.2010 21:15:00
Venue:  Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena

Grease had its Broadway première in 1972 and has triumphed throughout the world. In 1979 Grease took over the record as the longest-running show in the history of Broadway and the hit film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John proved to be the highest-grossing movie musical ever.
Everywhere it opened Grease struck a universal chord with its irresistible mix of adolescent angst, vibrant physicality and 1950s pop culture. Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey created a perfect period piece - a pastiche of the 1950s: "fast, furious and thrilling, an injection of raw energy... and fun, fun, fun", according to The Daily Mirror.
Celebrating twenty years of 'Grease' mania, the film (produced by Robert Stigwood and Alan Carr) was re-released in the summer of 1998.
2003 saw Paramount Home Entertainment release a 25th Anniversary DVD of Grease. It went on to sell more that 750,000 copies – the highest DVD sales ever!
Talking of the show's appeal and purpose, the director David Gilmore explains, "Grease doesn't have a message ... it gives a flavour of being a teenager in the 50s when rock'n'roll and putting Grease on your hair were the most important things in life and this is the level that we should take it on.”


Performance Dates
-25 May Tueasday @ 21.15
-26 May Wednesday @ 21.15
-27 May Thursday @ 21.15
-28 May Friday @ 21.15
-29 May Saturday @ 21.15
-30 May Sunday @ 21.15
-1 June Tueasday @ 21.15
-2 June Wednesday @ 21.15

Ticket Prices
Category 1: 134,00 TL
Category 2: 112,00 TL
Category 3: 89,50 TL
Category 4: 78,00 TL
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