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20 April / 20 November 2010
Sand sculpture in recent years, new emerging world, a special ephemeral (temporary) is a type of art. In the context of alternative art in the sand sculpture event is used only water and sand. This event each year with interest by hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the region was being held and won a serious mobility provides.

Held in Antalya more than 10 countries and nearly 40 artists and 30 people with finding technical team conducted Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival, the number of participating artists, field width and the amount of used sand (7500 tons) and the world's largest sand sculpture event are .

Festival, with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the assistance of the Municipality of Antalya Lara Beach Park is organized within the complex.

In April, the start of preparatory work before the festival, artists begin on May 1 and continues to the statue and the door is open to art lovers to 20 on May.

Festival in 2009 held 120 thousand domestic and foreign visitors has visit. Now, each year increasing interest in traditional activity and visitor becomes the most important cultural and artistic activities of Antalya has been among.

With a different theme each year, held at Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival 2010 theme is "Mythology 2" have been determined. In 2010, using 7500 tons of sand the world's most important mythological and heroic events of the exhibition will find a huge life-sized statue of 300, Troy, King Arthur, Dede Korkut and many interesting sculptures will be made.

Exhibition space as well as day and night, with special sound and light show offers a charming atmosphere with many activities and festivals are even coloring. Between May 20 to November 20, 2010, will remain open to visitors on a tour of the exhibition can be between 10.00-23.00 hours.


1-What is sand sculpture?
Simply stated, we made sand sculptures using only sand and water is a special form of a statue. The most simple example of the children playing in the sea that are the sand castle. Of course, sand castles, are much simpler than the complex art products. But still they contain a certain element of design and creation of art is a product that can be said for. Sand is a bit more complex and the work of the sculptor is difficult. This challenges the art of sand sculpture, separates from the traditional sculpture. Sand sculptures of architectural forms, anatomical, or any object of a figure could be portrayed. Sand and appropriate use of correct technique, provided the desired sand can be any shape. Sand sculpture, BC by Egyptians Applied is an art form 4000.

2-Sculptures are made with only sand and water
Yes, there is no need more than sand and water

3-All kinds of sand can be used?
Is nothing less than the sand, all the sands are thought to be identical. Yet it is not. Sand vary. Many may say that the sand type. Determine what you can make the difference in the sand is one of the factors. Even primarily, and the statue is connected only to the type of sand can say even. Sand may be organic or mineral. Organic particles of sand, coral, mollusks, and consists of fossil fragments. They can be found in salt water. Mineral sand is sand or rock composed of mineral or rock particles and is found in mountainous regions like the Alps.
Large-scale and fine details that require a special sand for the sand sculptures will be needed. If the festival was held in the region suitable sand is not available, the nearest source is investigated. Suitable for making sand sculptures will be used to understand whether the structure and shape of sand particles should be analyzed.

Determining the shape of the statue at the end, the structure of the sand is used. For more than a meter high statue of a special sand must be used. The size and structure of a grain of sand is of crucial importance in this regard. Round granules, but must be karemsi. This type of sand particles zara similar.

Round-grained sand in the beach often is because the movement of waves and currents are. This is a type of sand sculpture in terms of processing difficult. The sharper and more angular sand is the most suitable surface is smooth. Ideal for making the best sand sculpture can also, located near rivers and streams of water from the mountains are moved. Different sizes of sand particles of this mineral are similar to the membrane. They are square and fit together.

4-Any way desired to be given the statue?
Appropriate use of sand to be provided and experienced sculptors, kuma any desired shape can be all kinds of things can be done statue. Sand sculpture is being taken into consideration when designing what we want, but in terms of gravity to focus on the feasibility of the statue is an issue. Statue to be considered under construction at one of the most important issues, is to support safely the entire statue.

The technique used when making a sand sculpture, conventional techniques of the sculpture is not very different. They are simple and everyone can learn easily. Like 16 meters in height is building a giant statue of less than one meter Whether he makes sculptures are, in both cases the same principle applies. And the same process is applied to the same order. These principles can be summarized as follows:

Uncompressed hard sand and soft sand uncured block is obtained. This dampened sand layers can be obtained by compressing and is a rough way. In the meantime, large molds are used. Until you reach the correct size of sand with different patterns are prepared.

The next stage, the solid blocks in the sand is shaped. Kuma sand can say a general expression has been cut with the shape. This process is always done from top to bottom.

5-Where can be built sand sculptures?
Sand sculptures can be built anywhere in fact. But public outdoor sculptures in order to build a specific competence and must have the necessary technical equipment. Interior spaces are among the important factors in stability of the ground. Other than that, the statues will be built in the field of sand in terms of transfer, transportation will be provided the quality of the roads is also important, in addition, wiring, water connections and a certain height of water pressure to be considered among the points is located on.

6-How long time can be based sand sculptures in the open air?
Sand sculpture built in the open air, the form can remain for months. So far, have remained intact the longest sand sculpture, a statue is made of a Dutch sculptor and 1 year 9 months remained intact. This statue has remained intact even in winter and Madurodam'da made. Another sand sculpture made in California during the 2 years stay intact, the other is the owner of a record. This means that the sand sculptures to be held indoors if they can stay intact for years unless touched.

7-Sculptures have been completed, the humidity needs to be protected?
No. Only work on the statue during a certain degree of moisture protection is mandatory. After it is no need. When a spray of sand sculptor this is why. Sculpture is complete, thanks to this particular solution completely dries and hardens. If you do not spread sand thoroughly compressed.
Sand sculptures and other bad weather conditions from rain to protect a special solution is obtained by using a thin protective layer. Obtained with a special vegetable protein is a solution that is completely ecological.

8-What happens if severe weather conditions such as wind or stor mor rain?
Rain, does not give serious damage to the statue. In such a case, sand will absorb rain water and rain ended, after the water vapor will be absorbed. Showers in the case, the horizontal surfaces of the statues, rain drops, depending on the shock of a structural change may occur. Properly in these areas are given a little sand is disturbed. But after the end of rainfall that the area distortion can be corrected easily.

9-What kind of equipment is used?
To be transported to the work area of sand, ships, trucks, excavators, tractors, cranes and mechanical shovels are used. Loose sand should be put into the wood block before. This pattern of different sizes and shapes of both parties in open wooden boxes, crates, boxes consist of. Sand layers formed mechanical vibrating special tools, using tools such as hammers and sledge compressed. Then cut off the sand mold can be compressed and must be shaped by carving. For this, the spatula and similar instruments are used, such as goods. Brush and other tools for granting of last retouching is used.

10-Sand sculptors will be disturbed after the fall of the statues?
No. We will destroy them in a certain respect. Important difference between an ordinary sculpture sand sculpture with full results from the creation and destruction processes. Structures need to sand sculptures are short-lived. Someone who sculpture made of sand, creating a temporary structure that knows the art products. Sculptor of the statue and the process of creation of the temporary image is created knows, but it would be a unique moment in the memory knows. Already this is what makes art unique. Perhaps temporary object is created, but the memory is permanent, this is like a gate across the board are among the nearly infinite. In front of the artist waiting to be created is a new sand sculpture. His desire is what keeps vigorous.

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