Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10:32 AM

Footsteps of Legends

Matiana Travel invites you to follow the footsteps of legendary people in Anatolia, walk in the same paths they had walked and see what they had seen....
Alexander the Great   
He had his aim, to reach the “ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea” and marched on the world to get it. He is the father of Hellenism, stretched between Ionia to Himalaya’s. His courage, intelligence and desire made him one of the endless resources of art and inspiration for many world leaders. The world was not sufficient for him and now his legend is still living among us and makes him immortal...
St. Paul
Earth is the biggest temple for God and from the beginning, we all seek his existence. But some of us reach out a different recognition and try to call people to follow them in their path to reach the Lord. St. Paul is one of those who born in Anatolia and travelled to change the world to a better place. He lost his life on that way but his words are still echoes in the crowds...
Mimar Sinan   
He was the king of domes and minarets in Ottoman period and even today, his amazing structures are standing for revisiting. Before he close his eyes to this world, he had built 92 mosques, 52 small mosques , 55 madrasah , 7 darul-kurra (special madrasah for Kur’an reading), 20 tomb, 17 alms houses, 3 hospitals, 6 aqueducts , 10 bridges, 20 caravanserai , 36 palaces, 8 cellar and 48 Turkish baths.