Monday, September 27, 2010

12:03 PM

Goran Bregovic and The Wedding & The Funeral Band

The legendary name of the Balkan Music is going to meet with his fans in Istanbul after a long break!

Charm Music Presents:
Goran Bregovic, the legendary name of the Balkan music, is going to meet with his fans at Macka Kucukciftlik Park on the evening of 8th of October.

Goran Bregovic and The Wedding & The Funeral Band, whom play all Istanbul concerts sold-out, are inviting their fans to an unforgettable music fest with their magnificent repertoire. He will be on the stage with the songs from his over 21 albums and the cult soundtracks of Emir Kusturica' s "Underground", " Time of the Gypsies ",  “Arizona Dream” movies.

He was born as the son of Serbian mother and Croatian father in 1950 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has drawn a large audience with bringing into the traditional Balkan music, a modern and western interpretation.

In our country, he is also known as a composer of Sezen Aksu' s music album "Düğün ve Cenaze” and they had several concerts together together with Sezen Aksu.

Date : 08.10.2010 21:30:00
Venue : Küçükçiftlik Park
Ticket Prices:
Normal: 78,00 TL
VIP: 165,00 TL
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11:58 AM

Tango Feeling - 15 October 2010

Date : 15.10.2010 - 17.10. 2010  21:00:00
Venue : Türker İnanoğlu Maslak Show Center
Ticket Prices:
Category 1: 107,50 TL SOLD OUT
Category 3: 82,00 TL
Category 4: 66,00 TL
Category 5: 56,00 TL
Category2: 97,50 TL
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11:53 AM

Giants Live - Turkey 2010

Küçükçiftlik Park will welcome the world's strongest men on October 17th for the first time in Turkey.
Giants Live, Official World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour is a live, arena-based sport competition – a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience and live demonstration of incredible feats of strength that no ordinary human can do.

Each Giants Live qualifying event will find 12 of the world's greatest strongmen battling for supremacy across six gruelling disciplines including Truck Pull, Log Lift, Refrigerator Carry, The Pillars of Hercules, Car Deadlift and Atlas Stones. A top-three finish gains the competitor championship points and a place at the World's Strongest Man Finals.

Date : 17.10.2010 12:00:00
Venue : Küçükçiftlik Park
Ticket Prices:
Category 1 - VIP: 135,00 TL
Category 2: 84,00 TL
Category 3: 56,00 TL
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11:46 AM

Efes Pilsen Blues Festival

Turkey's only Blues festival the "Efes Pilsen Blues Festival" is gearing up for its 21st year. The program's talented lineup and extensive program schedule, set to tour 20 cities in Turkey including Denizli, Antalya, Konya, Kayseri, Mersin, Adana, Antakya, KKTC, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Trabzon, Ankara, Edirne, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, İzmir, Eskişehir, Bursa and İstanbul.

Kenny Neal
Kenny Neal is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and is widely renowned as a modern swamp-blues master. His new release, Hooked On Your Love, follows the triumph of his multi-award winning 2008 comeback album, Let Life Flow.

Mitch Woods
American modern day boogie-woogie, jump blues and jazz pianist and singer Mitch Woods has been touring with his band the Rocket 88s since  the 18980's. He released 9 albums and in 2007 he was nominated for the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year Award at the Blues Awards in Tennessee, presented by the Blues Foundation.

Samuel James
Samuel James is a performer of stunningly singular talent. A master of fingerstyle, slide, banjo, harmonica, and piano, this phenom is not yet out of his twenties. With musical influences ranging from Skip James and Sonny Terry to Gus Cannon and Charley Patton, such understanding of pre-war blues is rarely embodied in the music of one person.

His songwriting is absolutely unparalleled in contemporary blues. His writing is descended from the long forgotten art of the songster.

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11:39 AM


A nightclub dancer... a smooth talking lawyer... and a cell block of sin. It would be a crime to miss it.
The musical Chicago is based on a play of the same name by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins, who was assigned to cover the 1924 trials of murderesses Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner for the Chicago Tribune.

Annan, the model for the character of Roxie Hart, was 23 when she was accused of the April 3, 1924, murder of Harry Kalstedt. The Tribune reported that Annan played the foxtrot record "Hula Lou" over and over for two hours before calling her husband to say she killed a man who "tried to make love to her". She was found "not guilty" on May 25, 1924. Velma is based on Gaertner, who was a cabaret singer. The body of Walter Law was discovered slumped over the steering wheel of Gaertner's abandoned car on March 12, 1924. Two police officers testified that they had seen a woman getting into the car and shortly thereafter heard gunshots. A bottle of gin and an automatic pistol were found on the floor of the car.
Gaertner was acquitted on June 6, 1924.
Watkins' sensational columns documenting these trials proved so popular that she decided to write a play based on them. The show received both popular and critical acclaim and even made it to Broadway in 1926, running for 172 performances. Cecil B. DeMille produced a silent film version, Chicago (1927),starring former Mack Sennett bathing beauty Phyllis Haver as Roxie Hart. It was later remade as Roxie Hart (1942) starring Ginger Rogers, but in this version, Roxie was accused of murder without having really committed it.

In the 1960s, Gwen Verdon read the play and asked her husband, Bob Fosse, about the possibility of creating a musical adaptation. Fosse approached playwright Watkins numerous times to buy the rights, but she repeatedly declined. In her later years, Watkins had become a born-again Christian and believed her play glamorized a scandalous way of living. However upon her death in 1969, her estate sold the rights to producer Richard Fryer, Verdon and Fosse. John Kander and Fred Ebb began work on the musical score, modeling each number on a traditional vaudeville number or a vaudeville performer. This format made explicit the show's comparison between "justice", "show-business", and contemporary society. Ebb and Fosse penned the book of the musical, with Fosse also directing and doing the choreography.

Chicago opened on June 3, 1975 at the 46th Street Theatre, and ran for a total of 936 performances.

Chicago was filmed in 2002, directed and choreographed by Rob Marshall, and adapted by screenwriter Bill Condon, staring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger, and Richard Gere, also featuring Queen Latifah, John C. Reilly and Lucy Liu.

CHICAGO has been honored with 6 Tony Awards, 2 Olivier Awards, a Grammy and thousands of standing ovations.

Date : 01.10.2010- 10.10.2010 21:00:00
Venue : Türker İnanoğlu Maslak Show Center
Ticket prices:
Category 1: 400,00 TL (VIP)
Category 2: 250,00 TL
Category 3: 225,00 TL
Category 4: 180,00 TL
Category 5: 140,00 TL
Category 6: 100,00 TL
Category 7: 80,00 TL
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